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Occam; For Aden

In moments disquieted,

Like a funeral march,

A timbre echoes forth with shades of I and I and I,

They are spate but not equal, separate,

These ever present forces battling for supremacy,

A chosen light,

Warrior Poet,

Guardian for purity of spirit,

Shadow revealed temperaments,

Munch bellowing,

While I scream,

Vibrant hues and sullen pastels,

Constantly observing the pale green light,

At dock’s end,

Pulling me ever closer to an awaiting destiny,

One yet manifest,

Whereby the drink no longer soothes,

And the words no longer flow,

The crash of worlds colliding,

While inside none but I can see,

The hole devouring circles,

Where I am to reside,


Time neither friend nor foe,

Instead a constant tick of tocks,

One infinity further from life,

One second closer to Omega,

Non Omnis Moriar,

The cold comfort of Occam’s razor,

The simple truth, defined solely for and by I,

That I and I may step forward into the pasture,

Of past, present and future,

To graze on the brilliance of those before me,

And hopefully those to come,

Steadied by a resolve that resembles not courage,


A dedicated provenance,

To the voices of my ancestors,

Great and not so,

Who imbue, distill, inquire and inspire,

The daily aspiration,

Of my fingers on these keys,

Sole purpose, soul sacrifice,

Splattered with flickered intensity,

An act of derision, submission to the inherent beauty,

And bravery,

Of a life lived out,

One word at a time.



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