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The Importance of Muse (6)

In the infinite chaos of perpetually recycled stardust,

The remnants of the big bang reveal to me secrets,

Long misunderstood,

There is an order created by the Ether,

Readily apparent to those who have vision,

Versus those who merely see,

Those who listen,

Versus those who merely hear,

For out in that dark void there exists a vibrancy,

Resonating inside the souls of poets since time immemorial,

A resplendent beauty that unlocks a passion necessary,

To adulate the treasured honour of Muse’s presence,

Your presence,

I adore you,

I love you,

Figurative and literal,

In ways you will never, could never understand,

Despite these hopeless attempts to be

Conduit for the invisible,


Not just the royal you, so often presented,

But the perfectly imperfect package,

That stands before me at the ready,

Laying bare your soul,

That I too may do the same,

As these words require

And my literary masters demand.

As said before,

Here, time and again,

The importance of Muse can not be inconspicuous,

For she is an overstatement of all that I deign necessary,

To prevent my emotional suicide,

Loosing my gift in a series of meager attempts,

To force what is not there,

In her absence,
Your absence,
I am nothing but a fool with words,

Though when she comes,

Touching me deep with in,

Those words spill out from me,

Seductive and instructive,

More readily than I can breathe,

Effortless as her inspiration unlocks the key,

That liberates my creative flow,


Ebb and rip,

The gravity of her presence,

The tides lead me away from my inner storm,

Toward an awaiting Nirvana,

Whereby the touch of her lips,

Is the ambrosia from which I drink,

Understanding completely the full nature of love,

One only understood by those caught in the rapture,

And endless delight,

Of that perfect phrase,

Capturing a spirit that only you can see,

Only I,

Can see,


It so often seems,

That between those moments,

Where splendor presents itself in veiled opportunities,

That the broken shards of me,

Cut deep,

Sending me further into an abyss,

A loving idiot savant,

Where my Black Dog howls,

As I plead with the Ether,

And my Ladies of the night,

Serendipity, Destiny and Fate,

To once more grace me,

Instruct and guide me,

To that necessary ingredient,


Which fuels these tomes,


An expected necessity,

Cherishing what I see,

What I know,

What I am,


Wordsmith of Muse.


Your importance,

Is akin to a mother’s milk,

To a new born child,

A pirouette to a ballerina,

A canvas to Picasso,

And a great green light for Gatsby,

And yet tragically,

My providence,

As guided by that frenzied Ether I so adore and praise,

Finds me Daisy,

Rather than as a star cross’d lover,

And yet I persist,

I rise,

I look to the heavens,

Praising even the momentary glimpse,

Of true beauty,

Inside your soul,


That either none have, could or can see,

But I,

Guided by nature’s call to enthused benevolence,

To touch another as they touch me,

As you touch me,

So yes, Muse,

Your importance is greater than you may ever know.

I find myself in a state of flux,

A perilous and hazardous precinct,

Where my greatest wish,

Becomes my greatest downfall,

Always has been,

Since as early as the Ether first blessed me,

With these heart-rending efforts,

Dancing to the elegance of these ethereal gifts,

Presented by the Ether,

In a form that could only be you,


For even those few moments,

Where I get to bask in the sentiments,

Those I crave more than anything else,

Even if for a panicked instant,

As I contemplate the predictable disappearance,

As happens each and every time,

Just as quickly as you arrived,

The infinitely obvious precision of my life,


Left with these words as evidence,

Of a true gem,


The very real importance of Muse,

If I am to survive,

Non Omnis Moriar.



You are at once my everything,

And nothing,

For I can only seize,

What the Ether permits,

And it is a fickle master,

Guiding these fingers,

As they flicker with the genius, you inspire,

To some the foundation of a delusion of grandeur,

Those that could never understand,

For at least a while,

Never quite long enough,

Making the best of it,

As I bask in the prismatic resplendence of your soul,

The radiance of your smile,

The intense secrets behind those dancing eyes,

And the subtle way that even the simple act of walking,

Can alight in me an abstract prospect,

Captured in an instant, herein,

For you,

For posterity,

For you are Muse,

And without you,

I am lost in Dante’s circles of Hell,

As Virgil laughs,

And The Lost Generation once more consoles me.


With an intense vanity,

I fumble like a school child,

Scribbling outside the lines,

Hoping that you might see,

That Pandora’s curiosity,

Resulted in the very box that needs to be open,

If I am to thrive,

If I am to know genuine bliss,

For that is truly what you force me to aspire,

Climbing higher and higher,

Inside a drug induced fury,

Of pheromones clashing,

Serotonin dashing,

Dopamine slashing and adrenaline rushing,

And yet,

Like Hemingway’s haunting presence in my life,

That one true sentence,

That might finally get you,

Royal or otherwise,


To see,

To feel,

To believe,

To hold fast,

Might understand,

What even I myself can not,


If I am to thrive,

It is only Muse,

Because of you,

All I imagine,

All you are.

The importance of Muse,

Of you,

Royal and otherwise,

Creates all I am,

All I will ever be,

The dutiful secretary,

Of the Ether’s grace,

Giving me moments of significance,

That are entirely dependent,

On you,




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The Importance of Muse (5)




Every time you arrive,

My neurons blaze at the speed of thought,

Pining to believe that this time,

Here and now,

May be the flash,


For which my whole life has been lived,

Since that awe-inspiring conception,

When universal matter pooled,

Forming galaxies, stars, planets and we,

We two,

Muse and Writer, Warrior Poet, clashing zealously,

Inspiring and inspired,

As these words flow,

For without you the days are long,

The nights are even longer,

Despondent as I reach out,

Astral projection of my deepest pleas,

Calling out to the Ether,

Begging of my Ladies,

The Sages that alight my path to you,

Fate has brought you once,

Destiny once more,

Serendipity once

And now I marvel,

Are sirens once more upon me?

Or in exponential wisdom,

In multiple dimensions,

Have I finally been led to the place I need to be?

To shine,

To become,

To find,

All I once was,

Billions of years ago,

Cosmic dust,



I and I and I now refuse,

To let go of that dream,

To find the eternal love,

That has vexed me all the days of my days,

Love unyielding and requited that will deliver unto me,

The purpose and implication of my travels,

Voyaging to you,

Here and now,



As I fall deeper into my intimate wishes,

I watch as your eyes shimmer,

With thoughts secret, residual,

While concentric circles continue to expand,

Our experience,

Our consciousness,

Our extremely hidden and repressed aspirations,

For as woman and man,

We have built our walls,

From past rejections and exceptions,

Judiciously crafted to protect us, not from ourselves,

But from those who seek to deflower our chaste intent,

Having been corrupted,

You and I,


We seek redemption and redress,

We seek temptation, gingerly,

Less like Eve,

More like a painter with a blank canvas,

Or a writer a blank page,

Ours to create,

This dream,

Every aspect, thought and every belief,

Lived vividly in each moment,

N O W,

We must release the past,

Both, we,

Unleash ourselves from that which we can not change,

Set us free from our wounds, plentiful,

So that N O W,

Can become an untold then,


Can you,

Will you believe?



Once more from on high,

From another time, far far away,

The Ether intoxicates and entices me,

Drunk on an abstract,

Drawn in vivid hues of reality,

Together where do these words lead,

Where shall we go,

Hand in hand,

Rapt attention in each others gaze,

To an awaiting horizon,

Of which we are yet to conceive,

Could not consider,

That is, until, here,

And N O W,

Those blessed moments,

Time standing still,

When together,


Our bodies crave that which we can not grasp,

We can not see,

Nor hear, taste or smell,

Our uncontrolled reactions,

Complex mathematical and scientific veracities,

From chemicals,

Allowing us to feel that which we can not know,

Feel Muse,

With me,

These veracities,

Finally proofing the evasive equation that has haunted me,

Taunted me,

Twisted and torn me,


Every time I am enhanced by your arrival,

Presents presented presently,

Temporarily though it may be,

For the N O W,

Here you are,

As the words contend,


Will you understand,

Can you,




Time and again,

On this universal plane,

I have braced for impacts,

Long foretold,

Crashing into an awaiting hell,

Where my depression takes over,

A completely different set of chemicals clashing,

Where abandonment sends me into the nearest distraction,

Longing to rid myself of that desperate bitches howl,

Black Dog screaming,

Where even Hemingway will not drink it away with me,

Can not,

Although we try,

Don’t we Ernest?

For here you are once more,

As I ponder the past

And posit the future,

Though living in every moment,

N O W,

Adored ambitions,

When in your grip, mental and physical,

There is nothing but you,

The world around me evaporates,

Nothing exists,

Save us,

Where while apart I allow myself the persuasion,

That maybe, just maybe,

This time,

The Ether,

In its infinite expansion and wisdom,

To the left,

May have got it right,

This right,



My soul tickled,

My wandering mind,

Deliberates on possibilities of possibilities,

As the special theory of relativity seems obvious,

Considering that time apart seems like eons,

Where together it feels as if mere nanoseconds,

Yet still I abide,


For each instant I am by your side,

Feeling the intense elation,

Of the dance that two souls meeting and greeting have done,

Since time itself began,

Is there anything more wondrous or misunderstood,

Despite futile attempts,

Others and mine,

Especially mine,

For at your side,

There is nothing but you,

Just you,



Sloughing off the lackluster repetitions of history,

I am here,

As I and I,

Chosen light,


Court Jester,

Teacher and more,

To act for you,

As the peaceful unseen force that lifts your lips,

Into that perfect purse,

Aligning both the stars and your soul,

Further still with my own,

Come together two as one,

Where the Ether begs these words,

As recompense for your sparkle,

The twinkle of the window to your soul,

Telling me more than all the words I’ll ever know,

Perhaps even write,

Though for the now,

I am elated,

That again after being jaded,

I have been satisfied,

Satiated by the Ether,

And my ladies,

To honour you,

Who honours I and I and I,

With your presence,


Your importance,

Can never and will never be understated or underrated,

Instead celebrated,

In this harmony of words,

Hastily assembled,

As my mind dances,

Faster than my fingers can comply,


With possibilities of possibilities,

N O W,




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The Importance of Muse (4)

As I do,
I must,
For only at the altar of your feet am I exalted,
Propelled to a dimensional plain,
Of theories,
Strings and things,
Where consequence is chaos
And inconsequential
And action is order,
Called by you,
As I am,
Daily from across the universe,
Your haunting voice an echo from my past
And a deliverance to my future,
Dear Muse,
How do I crave your affection,
For these words as much as for those eyes,
Undressing you
The lips that long to kiss you,
The hands that seem like thumbs,
Without yours intertwined,
In the words you sponsor,
Fostering in me a light that even I did not know,
Could not see,
Would not share,
But for these words,
Wherein I am both lost and found,
As in you,
Lost and found,
Mostly found,
Yet happily lost,
Gazing as I have, do and will,
At those precious lines that alight your experience
And foreshadow a future as yet unknown,
Not shown,
Fully blown,
By you,


My heart yearns for more,

More than you may,

Less than I will,
Knowing that my destiny,
Wherever it shall be,
Involves a special choice,
Destined to reveal,
More of me to me,
Of you to you,
The answers sought,
In glimpses caught,
Sowing the seeds of our redemption,
One kiss at a time,
Feeling that yesterday is gone,
Today is a gift
And we’ll never know what tomorrow brings,
Even in a love such as ours will be,
I long for you,
Pang painfully,
Like an emotional quicksand,
Believing and conceding,
All that I am,
All that I could be
And all that I was
For the solemn promise
Of that elusive forever,
That I have always sought,
For naught,
But for you,

Whomever you are,

Wherever you are,

I will find you,
I will die trying to find you,
I must find you,
As destiny commands,
For this performance,
Will be an encore daily relived,
Daily revived,
Showing and knowing,
What love is and should be,
Because of your smile,
All the while undressing my soul,
As a present for you,
To we.


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The Importance of Muse (2)

Muse |myoōz|

(in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences.
• ( muse) a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

I have tangled with Muse,
Made love to,
Time and again,
She, they, have entered my life,
Opened up the distant shores of my anima,
Sailing toward me while singing a tune familiar,
“Write, write, and write.”

Arriving at my wave torn shores,
The symbolic prism of my enchantments,
She, they,
Have begged of me to engage that spark of innovation,
The furious luminescence that is innate,
The ingenious and flattering catalyst of inspiration,
She, theirs, yours inspiring with a radiant smile,
Revealing more than just her soul,
But also my own,
As her hand touches me,
Bathing me with renewal,
Now that time has seen fit,
To let me go.

Muse approaches,
She, You, taking my hands in her own,
You dance me to the edge of reason,
Dipping me momentarily on the other side,
Opening my eyes to untold possibilities,
Lifting me back her determination is obvious,
To alight my own.

I’ve never sought you Muse,
I’ve never searched for you,
For I have always been fortunate,
As the gods and goddesses of my creative heaven,
Always find rhyme, reason and time to send you to me,
And when you arrive,
I am slave to your guiding light,
Chosen as I am,
By you.

I have loved Muse,
Not as abstract concept,
But as driving force of divine initiation,
Calling as you have,
As you do,
For me to obey the conditions of my soul,
Rather than revolt,
For as you have reminded me time and again,
These words are my rebellion,

A Warrior Poet

These words are my birthright,

Flowing ceaselessly and without end

These words are my passion,

Indeed, my only passion, save love,

These words are my paradise,

Heaven, hell and nirvana all rolled into one fragmented mind,
These words are my soul,

These words are me but they are, Muse, yours.

I have tangled with Muse,
Though now I want nothing more,
Than another dance,
That I may find inside my own contradictions,
The answer that has always eluded me,
The solution that has always taunted me,
The puzzle that has been without that one piece…



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The Importance of Muse

Muse’s importance,
May not be adequately expressed in words,
Nor felt by any who can not comprehend,
The sweet power of creation,
The eclectic and electric energy that dazzles,
For Muse,
You come to me,
Guided by the countesses of universal law,
Father Time presents you,
Though reminding me of these mortal attempts,
At indiscriminate immortality,
As with glee those ladies of my night,
Mistresses Destiny and Fate,
Provide without excuse or equivocation,
A bright smile that guides my thoughts,
A deliciously engaging pair of eyes,
That alight my fingers to fly across these keys,
In human form you have taken many bodies,
Though more importantly minds that tickle my sensibilities,
And I am humbled for your love.

From you Muse,
I gain insights into myself and the world around me,
Converting that raw and special energy,
Into these beautiful and sometimes tragic words I write,
Never fickle,
Always graceful,
You reveal the world to me,
Five or seven or ten minutes at a time,
The way I’d like to be,
Rather than the way it is,
And in the warm embrace,
As between two lovers,
You reveal the majesty of these things I do,
I am taken aback for the more I know of you,
The more I know you,
The more I know myself,
Though the world become another mystery,
As in an instant,
These words manifest,
Muse by this proclamations name,
Serendipity, a writer’s best friend and more.

My love for you is as profound and unmapped,
As the love of mother,
Father, sibling or child,
There is no telling from where or whence you came,
Or come,
But when you do I get the excited exasperations,
Of an intellect run wild,
Searching not for words which in your presence so readily come,
But for meaning,
Allowing me to touch others,
As you touch me,
The treasured gift that you bestow,
Bequeathed to me in these moments that you arrive,
Also from me bestowed to searching souls the world over
My dear sweet Muse.

Muse’s importance,
Is akin to breathing,
Or eating,
Drinking water,
Or shelter from the cold,
Muse is an exhilarating joy ride,
Whereby comprehension takes a back seat,
To that place inside my soul,
That even I cannot engage,
Only Muse,
Blessed Muse,
That piece of me is reserved for you and only you,
You are the alpha and the omega of my creative thrills,
You are my deepest love,
My greatest satisfaction,
My precious commodity that I hold onto fast and true,
I hold you in esteem unknown to any but you and I,
Though shared without cupidity.

My Muse,
So many there have been,
Wonderful all,
And when you arrive,
I take heed and notice,
Of your precarious ways,
Filtering through me the voices of the ether,
To jubilant appreciation.

I adore you,
I lay at your feet expectant of your sumptuous impressions,
I bow before you,
As Writer and Warrior Poet first,
As man of the world second,
Seeker of life third,
A list that could continue in perpetuity,
As you always seem to come,
Just as my writer’s reward is most bright,
I beckon you,
Come forth once more,
That I may delight you,
Your preeminence clear,
Treasured secret Muse,
My one true love.


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