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Somewhere out there…


From a very young age… around the time of my parents divorce I learned about love and what I wanted in life. I have been lucky in love (Mon Petit 😉 ) and I have been unlucky in love having been walked all over by several women that took advantage of me and my kindness. Instead of becoming bitter and disillusioned I have realized that my love is out there, that true love is the greatest treasure we may ever behold… Love will know me, understand and accept me for who and what I am. She will embrace my faults and press me to be a better man. She will not run when things get rough, she will help me rise above the fray. She will love me for me. We will marry and have as many kids as I can afford. I will treat her like a queen because I only know how to love one way… completely, unequivocally and without reservation. Whoever you are, where ever you are, I have not given up on love nor you and I humbly wait your arrival to begin a life of love, laughter, triumph, support even in the face of adversity. I have loved you since the day I was born and I can hardly wait to meet you. Love and Light, Sender


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No Ordinary Love

Have you ever been flying in a dream,

Only, like Icarus,

Find yourself flying too close to the sun,

Wings unglued, undone,

Falling fast and free toward the ground?

Like I am now,

Beat up by the annulment

Of my two greatest desires,

Love, requited, as by my lover and wife to be,

And for the love of my child,

Purported, distorted and now, like me,



That my dear girl,


Is how I feel now,

Enraptured by a thought conceived,

At the moment of my conception,

Hopefully leading to a reality believed,

And then lived,

With you,



For in the invitation of your smile,

I like Romeo, and you, like Juliet,

I would rather die than be without you,

Can you understand?

Will you?

Nor can I, for there is no reason,

Save those that express themselves here,


Like a machine gun in affairs of the heart,

Where this soul bleeds missives,

Longing and desire in the trench warfare of sensations so rare,

They must not,


Be ignored,

Confused, or otherwise,

In true love,

Resistance is futile,

And this is true isn’t it?


Should these clever words not reveal,

The eaten core,

Of the battered history of this wounded heart,

Lets we, start anew,

Today a new beginning,

Filled with all the hope and promise we both know is real,


In the clever pursuit of each other,

Overcoming all obstacles,


To disclose this mask of sorrow,

That would readily disappear tomorrow,

Should you find the conviction,

Inside these dictions,

To return,




Is this what happened?


To those fabled men? Histories giants?

Captivated by those women who immediately owned their mind, body and soul,

Those men,

Like me now,

Who met their muses,

For certainly these words profess,

You are, my Muse,

Evidenced herein I wonder,



Helen of Troy,

All enchanting,

Just like you,


Those words spoken,

Can not be undone,

Those feelings expressed,

Did not, do not just fade away,

True love never dies.





Who though perhaps uncouth still held court,

And found their men measured and wanting,

Of them,

Each victim of Cupid’s arrow instantly beguiled,

Finding in their evolution,

For we all change,


Become better,

The conclusion that love,

Only love,

Is the answer.





Shall I Orpheus be?

Unleash the tormented tears of gods and nymphs alike,

As I have been bitten,

Not smitten,

Bitten by the intrinsic charms that make you the unique flower you are,

My Lily,

Shall I to the underworld,

Begging of those gods for your return,

Though this time remembering to not look back,

Until this earthly plain we have arrived,

For I do not want you to vanish,



Our story,

So far, as yet, unwritten,

May be, we, like Salim and Anarkall,

You the beautiful courtesan,

And me the ordinary boy,

With an extraordinary mind,


Falling for you in a moment of grace,

Where your eyes danced,

And your spirit soared,

Inspiring these words that adore,

But I can no more make you love me,

Than I can make the sun revolve around the earth,

But I do not want to watch you,

At my expense,

Entombed in front of my eyes,

Ordinary boy that I may be,

Ordinary, you,

Are not.


Are you my Penelope?

As Odysseus are we to be ripped apart at the seams,

Years passing,


Before you realize that I can, will and want to take care of you,

Ever more,

True love,

This, possible,

Is not only worth waiting for,

But is worth being without other suitors,

Ever present though they may be,

For I know what I desire,

And it is only within you,



Like Pocahontas and John Smith,

From two different worlds we may be,

But the same earth we share,

And that is enough to make me feel the warmth of your soul,

With every step I take,

Electrified by the earth we share,

Where I, empowered, by your loveliness,

Of beauty I dare not speak, instead that inner resplendence,

Such that I would bear the burden of the torture,

This torture,

Literal and figurative,

Of being without you,

Where informed of my death you move on,

Only to discover years later,

That you were and are,

The only one for me,

True lovers,

Meant and destined to be.


Even in death I long to be with you,

Strewn across the affairs of your heart,

Like Pyramus and Thisbe,

Babylonians to the end,

Like Rapunzel are you in a tower?

May I ascend?

Freeing you from your confusion,

And all that ails you?


Friends though only now we have become,

A lifelong story begins with one step,

Having taken one, two, three,

Are you ready to take more?

I believe you are,

Stop fighting your desire,

Soar with me.


And this journey is not yet run,

While surely you are the fairest,


Without equivocation,

The beast I may be,

But your beast I will be,

Bearing the burden, gleefully,

Of ensuring your every happiness,

Only to discover that your veil inside the lion’s mouth,

Makes my life no longer matter,

Such that without you,

I would pierce my own chest,

That in death we may again be reunited,

(hopefully years from now on B-612, ours)

For perhaps in seeing this dedication,

You too would see,

What may be.

Are we like Paolo and Francesca,

You, temporarily destined to Gianciatto,

While I sit in wait,

While we both read of Guinevere and Lancelot,

Finding in that tale the tale of our own,

Once upon a time and happily ever after,

Where for a brief moment,

Before our demise we know,


What love can be?


Let’s hope it is not too late…

Like Eloise and Abelard,

Shall I be your tutor,

And you my teacher,

Secret advances,

While our affection grows,

A love for the ages,

Sages imparted as we find,

That the dog you seek,

Becomes the child we both crave,

Born of a rare love,

And a circumstantial tragedy,

Tearing me apart, only to rebuild me again,

Better than before

Are you ready,

Separated by a love that makes me monk and you nun,

Evermore in love,

With nothing more than these words of evidence,

And my every action too,

Of what I believe to be true,

Am willing to profess,

Dare I say,



Perhaps we are like Layla and Majnun,

Tragically aware, that this love can’t be,

Cultural realities,

Marital realities,


Won’t be,

Yet should be,

Is this love unattainable?

Our love observed by a previous lover,

Maybe jealous,

Maybe cautious,


Such that we are prevented from seeing each other again…

Will we see each other again?

I long to see you again,

Every moment of every day,

The eccentric that I am,

Shall I stop eating,

Further emaciating,

For without the nourishment of love,

What am I,

But lost,



For you,


Will time, space and people keep us apart,

Shakespearean tragedy and faults,

Only to lay with each other in death,

Ashes strewn wherever our hearts agree?


Are you ready to experiment with your life,

And mine?

Join hands once more,

Feel that fire, undeniable,

As partners,

In life,

In love,

In molding the measured existence that transcends unified string theory

And even Stephen Hawking’s mind?

Like Marie and Pierre Curie,

Shall we spend every waking hour in the pursuit of something more,





As I am driven by you,

To excellence,

For you are my Nobel Prize,

You are,

My Nobel Prize,



And I hope that in this obvious treatise you can see,

What awaits,

Should you decide,

To return,

Love sick idiot though I may be,

I am a lover,

You’d like to know,

Discover and be,


Cast aside your fears,

Your doubts,

Cast aside your confusion,

And empower this love,

I love you,

I love you,

I love you,

And that will never change,

My Hmong Key!

For we are not ordinary people

And this,

This is no ordinary love…


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Nothing is Impossible in True Love

There is nothing impossible in love,
For love,
And not some idealized or romanticized notion of it,
Is nothing more,
Than the entangled kiss of two souls,
The wetted caress of two minds,
Those feel the same emotions,
About the same things,
There is nothing impossible in love.

Of course,
Throughout our lives,
Many of us learn that there are impossibilities,
But are there really,
Time can be overcome,
Space can be overcome,
Distance can be overcome,
So long as lovers true,
Dedicate a modicum of energy,
To the love itself,
So yes,
Nothing is impossible in love.

There is nothing impossible in love,
Save for the canned love where people settle,
Willing to accept comfort,
Or kids,
Or a house,
Rather than the pursuit of true love’s dreams,
And life’s journey,
Love will always be there,
Especially when the chips are down,
Love is about holding someone up,
When they can not themselves,
Love is courteous,
Indescribably special,
And willing to help with demons,
Even when it is not convenient.

Of course,
At times,
It may seem that love is intrusive,
Interfering when at least convenient,
When all love wants,
Is to know that love is requited,
It is felt,
In the soul,
In the heart,
And tempted in the mind,
Love is,
Endlessly remarkable.

There is nothing impossible in love,
True love,
The dance that two souls make,
When they find the natural fit,
To something that seems so unnatural,
It is the unconscious and uncontrollable longing,
To spend the rest of your life,
Against evolutionary pressure,
It is the ability to overcome the primal,
Without even a second thought.

Of course,
After the way this love has left me,
Though it has not,
Nor could it ever,
For soul mates are just those,
Mating of the soul,
It might seem that I have disdain for love,
When in fact,
I celebrate it,
And you,
For you truly are,
My soul mate,
And there is nothing impossible in love.


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The Importance of Muse

Muse’s importance,
May not be adequately expressed in words,
Nor felt by any who can not comprehend,
The sweet power of creation,
The eclectic and electric energy that dazzles,
For Muse,
You come to me,
Guided by the countesses of universal law,
Father Time presents you,
Though reminding me of these mortal attempts,
At indiscriminate immortality,
As with glee those ladies of my night,
Mistresses Destiny and Fate,
Provide without excuse or equivocation,
A bright smile that guides my thoughts,
A deliciously engaging pair of eyes,
That alight my fingers to fly across these keys,
In human form you have taken many bodies,
Though more importantly minds that tickle my sensibilities,
And I am humbled for your love.

From you Muse,
I gain insights into myself and the world around me,
Converting that raw and special energy,
Into these beautiful and sometimes tragic words I write,
Never fickle,
Always graceful,
You reveal the world to me,
Five or seven or ten minutes at a time,
The way I’d like to be,
Rather than the way it is,
And in the warm embrace,
As between two lovers,
You reveal the majesty of these things I do,
I am taken aback for the more I know of you,
The more I know you,
The more I know myself,
Though the world become another mystery,
As in an instant,
These words manifest,
Muse by this proclamations name,
Serendipity, a writer’s best friend and more.

My love for you is as profound and unmapped,
As the love of mother,
Father, sibling or child,
There is no telling from where or whence you came,
Or come,
But when you do I get the excited exasperations,
Of an intellect run wild,
Searching not for words which in your presence so readily come,
But for meaning,
Allowing me to touch others,
As you touch me,
The treasured gift that you bestow,
Bequeathed to me in these moments that you arrive,
Also from me bestowed to searching souls the world over
My dear sweet Muse.

Muse’s importance,
Is akin to breathing,
Or eating,
Drinking water,
Or shelter from the cold,
Muse is an exhilarating joy ride,
Whereby comprehension takes a back seat,
To that place inside my soul,
That even I cannot engage,
Only Muse,
Blessed Muse,
That piece of me is reserved for you and only you,
You are the alpha and the omega of my creative thrills,
You are my deepest love,
My greatest satisfaction,
My precious commodity that I hold onto fast and true,
I hold you in esteem unknown to any but you and I,
Though shared without cupidity.

My Muse,
So many there have been,
Wonderful all,
And when you arrive,
I take heed and notice,
Of your precarious ways,
Filtering through me the voices of the ether,
To jubilant appreciation.

I adore you,
I lay at your feet expectant of your sumptuous impressions,
I bow before you,
As Writer and Warrior Poet first,
As man of the world second,
Seeker of life third,
A list that could continue in perpetuity,
As you always seem to come,
Just as my writer’s reward is most bright,
I beckon you,
Come forth once more,
That I may delight you,
Your preeminence clear,
Treasured secret Muse,
My one true love.


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Overheard in a Lovers Quarrel

They didn’t know…
But I was listening,
I could hear every heavy word,
As she sheltered her eyes from view,
I blushed,
As he proclaimed his love,
Thinking to myself,
What does this Neanderthal know of love,
The way he berates her,
I would not do that to you…
Don’t you know?

They didn’t know…
But I was listening,
Her sobs like knives in my punctured soul,
As I wanted to reach out to her,
I longed to reach out to her,
Letting her know,
Love can be another way,
Love is another way,
As he proclaimed that he didn’t know why he’d done it,
I wondered,
Why does any person act this way,
Shattering the joy of love,
With empty words,
That cannot reconcile,
With his actions,
Don’t you know?

They didn’t know…
But I was listening,
Her eyes reddened by this ripe cancelation,
Divorce imminent,
Torment riddled existence,
As she asked herself why,
Though there would be no answer,
There could be no answer,
With me,
You would not need an answer,
For I am loyal,
Don’t you know?
They didn’t know…
That as I listened I was cringing,
Taken aback by the abandonment of love,
The abandonment of her,
For the momentary gain of lust,
He claimed it was an accident,
He claimed it meant nothing,
He claimed it was a one time thing,
And I still cringed,
As there was nothing,
That could subtract her pain,
In the addition of another,
Meaningless or not,
Don’t you know?

They didn’t know…
As he stepped up from the table,
Paying the bill,
That I knew,
I was there,
I witnessed this terrible break in her reality,
And I knew,
As she lifted her head with untapped strength,
There would be no way to reconcile,
This ‘meaningless’ indiscretion,
She didn’t know,
That love, real love,
That can be everything,
Makes no excuses,
Don’t you know?

And I wished,
I could outstretch my hand and my soul,
To take away her pain,
With real love.


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Champion Liege

Since my Alpha,
A collision course has been set,
A blueprint to which we all aspire,
For without such,
Life is not life at all,
But a race to the dying,
Though, herein demonstrates,
Despite obvious challenges,
I am living, daily, life,
Love, my champion liege,
I, herein am dreaming,
The impossible dream.

The big bang of all human experience,
Is obvious,
Love is primal,
The desire for it is innate,
Hardwired into humans,
And other species alike,
Dare I say love is the most powerful,
Evocative and sublime of our feelings,
A treasure we always hold dear,
Preserving passions pleas.

Loves processes are as mysterious,
As the universe itself,
As glorious as the flapping of a hummingbird’s wings,
Or the ebb and flow of tides connection to the moon,
The rays of passion resplendent,
Far brighter than the sun,
And more warming to the soul,
It’s power and presence so important,
Alighting in we a beatific guide and companion,
Meaning and depth found in the delicate dance,

Love, true love,
Of such great importance,
That it is possible for we to die,
From a broken heart,
As in death so too does hope pass on,
The will to persevere without love true,
Instantly eviscerated,
As the decay of our very essence,
Starts its slow march to oblivion,
For a life without love,
Is no life at all,
Just a journey from birth to death,
Though true love,
Never dies,
Until that is,
My Omega,
For I am love.


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Love – A Personal Treatise

I believe in love at first sight,
I’ve been lucky enough to know it,

I believe that not a single word must be spoken,
For there are levels of communication,
That even our brightest minds cannot fathom.

I believe that from across a room or an ocean, you know,
Perhaps its atoms smashing, chemicals reacting, or some great unknown,
But it is real and with the right circumstances, you’ll know in an instant.

I believe that in that instant everything changes,
Neurons fire, endorphins emit untold scents,
And primal reactions are plain violating the laws of nature itself.

I believe that two souls, drawn together, mating, is the purpose of our lives,
To share experiences, through good and bad,
To uplift another with precious intent,
To share in every moment, the minutiae and the grand affairs.

I believe that the supposed romanticized ideal of which I write, constantly,
Should be that love, for which we all strive,
A romance that is played out daily,
As equal partners in a life long journey,
With no destination in sight.

I believe in love,
Despite my soured experience,
But my love is not confined by the limitations of past surrender,
Rather is inspired by the potentiality of you,
Whoever you are.

I believe that the greatest gift we’ll ever know,
Is the deep and penetrating caress as two lovers eyes meet,
Drawing in to a personal universe,
Creating a divined spark of inspiration,
One that reaches so far within,
It feels as if they are physically touching your heart,
Stroking and protecting it.

I believe in love,
I believe in the daily pursuit of romance,
For that special one,
Your one true love,
Knowing as I do,
That whether it be days, weeks, months or years,
She will understand me,
And I will understand her,
Because of love.


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